Tetris House

Arcachon, 2013

This house, audacious, will mark durably the landscape of the district and our memories of the possible.

An amazing overhang of 7m marks the character of the project, a small jewel of the contemporary architecture.

Its structure will combine the reinforced concrete, the steel structure and the skeleton wood. We worked in synergy with the team of CHIDIAC Architects.

La Croix du Palais

Bordeaux Mériadeck, 2011

Restructuring completes current offices of the siege of the General Council of the Gironde, to transform it into energy-saving building.

Our team of project management proposed, for this project prize-winner of a public competition launched in 2009, four structures-trees coming to fill the angles of the building in the shape of cross and allowing to find a more desirable shape in square plan. In parallel, a partial demolition of the paving stone of Meriadeck creates the real assertion of the building from the street.

Sylvania, 20 housing

Eysines, 2012

Our objective, in this experiment led with Aquitanis, is to prove that it is possible to optimize a constructive system, to shorten the schedules, to master the costs and especially to fire upward housing social in terms of image, quality of life and manufacturing of the city.